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What is Design-Build?

In its simplest form, Design-Build can be described as a team working together from start to finish. The design-build construction delivery method stream-lines both design and construction functions together as one team in a single contractual entity to the owner. This approach provides owners with a single point of contact for both the design and construction phases of a project.

It’s the idea that when an owner sits down at the table with the architects, builders, engineers and estimators the greatest ideas are created. Through communication and collaboration the design build process is proven to deliver otherwise unachievable results.

The design build team usually consists of the client, general contractor, architect, engineers and subcontractors. The design build approach allows for early collaboration where all team members work together as a unit, with each bringing their design and/or construction expertise into the mix. This type of construction not only simplifies the process for all involved, but leads to faster project delivery and best cost value.



Why Design-Build?

Faster Project Delivery + Better Cost Control.

Compared to traditional project delivery methods, the design-build method fuses both design and construction functions together to form a single contractual entity. With the design-build approach, the owner is responsible for managing one contract, with one single point of contact. The contractor and designer work in unison from project start to finish, providing recommendations in accordance with the owner’s budget and schedule.

What are the other advantages?

- Time Savings

- Teamwork

- Single Point Responsibility

- Open/Transparent Communications

- Eliminates Adversarial Conditions

- Not Restricted To Building Types

The Design-Build
Contractual Agreement Advantage


In House Design Staff


What does Miranda offer?

The Miranda Design Team is committed to the successful delivery of our clients ambitious and characterful schemes. We approach each project with care and rigor. We work using different methods of enquiry and representation to communicate ideas and actively follow these through to construction with thorough understanding of materials and methods of buildings. We aim to produce work of the highest quality and demonstrate the value of good, careful design on projects relating to architecture, interiors and furniture. 

Miranda Construction not only offers turnkey solutions, but can also customize any project to exactly fit your needs. We are certified design-build contractors who specialized in pre-engineered commercial buildings. Contact us today to learn more about the ways our team of professionals can help your organization meet its goals.

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